A hero is a moral being bequeathed with character, conviction, and courage who shuns the safety and service of self to confront the sinister.  Upon leaving college, work, family and friends in Cocoa to battle the scourge of communism in Korea, Emory Lawrence Bennett became a hero.


On June 24, 1951, four months after arriving to our first hot war during the Cold War and less than a year after joining the Army at age twenty, Private First Class Bennett earned superhero status.


In the middle of the night, communist Chinese rushed up a ridge near Sobangsan and deluged land occupied by Pfc. Bennett's company in a "human wave" attack then known as a banzai charge due to Japanese (over)use of the tactic against allied forces in World War Two.


Bennett's Company B countered, but the sheer number of committed collectivists sheared through the contingent's curtain, mandating a withdrawal.  Bennett volunteered to remain, leaving his foxhole to face the hordes head on.  Standing firm with his Browning automatic rifle, he became a more diminutive David against a more gargantuan Goliath to give his four hundred comrades a fighting chance at survival.  Bennett did in dozens of Reds (a popular term for many years) before falling from the flood of fire.


Pfc. Bennett fearlessly forfeited his being for the benefit of his brothers in arms and the country from which he came, and the United States of America recognized the valiant veteran posthumously with its highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor. 


Emory Bennett was one of only one hundred and thirty-five men to receive such recognition during the entire three-year Korean War and he remains the only Medal of Honor recipient from Brevard County and also Volusia County (birthplace) six decades after the end of the war pitting communism against capitalism; tyranny against freedom; man against God.


One need only look to the continuous state of communist North Korea and capitalist South Korea to see that Pfc. Bennett's heroism, and that of thousands of others, was not in vain.  For helping to contain tyranny, Emory Bennett found true freedom, away from the follies of man to the open arms of God.


Jeff Boston

The Indian River Journal

The Journal of the Brevard County Historical Commission

Fall/Winter 2012



* On March 18, 2014, Melvin Morris became the second Medal of Honor recipient in the history of Brevard County, due to his heroics in the Vietnam War, where our nation continued its fight to stop the spread of inhumane communism. 




Uncle Sam calls.  Unselfish servants enlist.  Unknown soldiers fight.  Ultimate sacrifices are made.


Memorial Day is one of the great days of significance on our nation's calendar.


It is a time to remember the American patriots who stood tall in fighting for and inspiring freedom around the world.


It is a time to thank those same patriots who died while serving in our military.


Memorial Day was not founded to be a time to buy a Japanese car or a Chinese knick-knack on sale.  It was not founded to be a time to engage in forgettable hedonism on a beach.


Memorial Day was founded to help us remember that self-interest is not as important, or as honorable, as sacrifice and patriotism.


It was founded to thank souls who got it in the gut so you tank spirits and sit on your rear.


God bless America and our fallen veterans.  Heroes all.


Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.23.2008




Patriots have sacrificed for the sake of our sovereign nation and for foreigners who favor freedom.  They have stood tall during war, conflict, and "overseas contingency operations."


Whether our military has dealt with politicians in a hot war, a cold war, or a war on terror, they have endeavored to stop dead Nazism, prevent the spread of communism, and lessen those led to Islamic extremism.


Some veterans came home to a pat on the back.  Some came home and were spat in the face.  Some came home to indifference.


Some did not come home.


Memorial Day is for those who did not come home.  It is a day to honor Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for the amelioration of man.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.25.2009




The actor playing in base movies makes $20 million a hit.


The athlete playing in Major League Baseball games gets $20,000 a hit.


The soldier working from a base overseas earns $2,000 a month, if he does not get hit.


The actor is cavalcaded to a spa-like rehab clinic because he shot up to ease "the pain."


The athlete is carted to a sparkling locker room to be shot up to ease the pain.


The soldier is carried to a spartan operating tent because he was shot up.


The actor is resplendent.  The athlete is respondent.  The soldier was respected.


He was a true hero.


Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.31.2010




He knew before joining that it's a hand up, the most honorable way to serve our country, hands down.


He knew after training how to put a foot up the enemy's backside if our leader put his foot down.


He knew before the war to keep his head up, and in battle to keep his head down.  They knew after he was shot up that he was shot down.


We knew before it happened that his soul would go up and our spirit down.


Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.30.2011    




It is fitting that the day to commemorate fallen military personnel is between Mother's Day and Father's Day, for the cornerstone of character is one's parents, and there is everlasting honor and pride in knowing your child served selflessly and made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of man.


It is also just that those who died for their country be honored on a day between the National Day of Prayer, which celebrates the granting of freedom with guiding principles and sacrifice for the sins of man, and Flag Day, a tribute to the symbol of the land of the free that trusts in God.


Memorial Day is to pay homage to patriots from the home of the brave who gave their lives for the sins of man at war.  In their righteous missions, they fought to protect us from the oppressors, as well as bring freedom to the oppressed, of man-over-God statism and now mad-over-God sadism.


Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.28.2012   




You see veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and other wars with caps, black markers atop their heads, rightfully proud in showing their service for the world to see.


You see veterans of all wars, after the playing of "Taps," with white and gray markers above their heads, rightfully proud in showing their service for the world to see.


Visit a cemetery this Memorial Day to pay tribute to American men and women who made their mark defending freedom and helping to bring it to those in the world who wanted it.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Sun 5.26.2013


The G.I. in 1942 France never sat in first class on a train, but he stood tall while helping allies gain a second chance at freedom.


The dogface in 1952 Korea never rested in a first-class hotel, but he helped relax communist aggression in the Third World.


The grunt in 1972 Vietnam never ate a first-class meal, but he swallowed the underwhelming support from America's Fourth Estate.


As with too many who served before and since, their second, third, and fourth tours of duty ended with their passing, as well as our knowledge that they earned their first-class funerals.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Mon 5.26.2014 



For causes greater than themselves, American fighting men gave their lives with honor against Redcoats in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812; blue Yankees and gray Rebels in our nation's Civil War; and Brownshirt, Blackshirt and red Rising Sun psychopathic idealogues in World War ll.


Patriots paid the ultimate price against wrongheaded Reds in Korea and Vietnam; underhanded pinkos in Grenada, El Salvador, and elsewhere; and black-hearted beasts in the Middle East, Somalia and seemingly everywhere else.


In fighting for their freedom and the freedom of others, some U.S. men and women went in green, but none went out yellow.


Many earned the Purple Heart.


More rest in peace below white stars and crosses.


All showed true colors of bravery and selflessness.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Sun 5.24.2015




Hearing in '41 of the Japanese massacre at Pearl Harbor on his family's Philco, Patrick kissed his ma goodbye, shook his pa's hand, rode in his uncle's Ford and volunteered to help tank the totalitarians.  In the push to preserve and promote freedom, he was killed in the line of duty.


He was committed to the cause.  So was his country.


Seeing in '65 his generation's joust with evil on his family's Zenith, Patricio kissed his mother bye, shook his father's hand, rode in his father's Ford and enlisted to help contain the cancer of communism in Asia.  In the push to preserve and promote freedom, he was killed in the line of duty.


He was committed to the cause.  So was his country, for a while.


Reading of yet another "Allahu akbar" mass murder of innocents on her Apple, Pat kissed her mother so long, hugged her dad, drove her Ford and signed on to help vanquish the virus of our time, virile in Mohammedan deserts (and infecting the lands of infidels everywhere).  In the push to preserve and promote freedom, she was killed in the line of duty.


She was committed to the cause.



Jeff Boston





A different kind of idea, based on freedom, developed our exceptional nation, and peoples from throughout the world wanted to, and did, move here.


A different kind of person, distinctly brave, have died assisting their new homeland over the years for a different kind of reason than most peoples of the world throughout world history.  They died helping to conduce and conserve freedom.


They were of different classes, colors, and creeds.  They were from families without want, with need, and somewhere in between.  They were white, black, and brown.  They were Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu, Buddhist, and Atheist; and also of different subsets of the political right, left, and center.


They joined different branches of our military:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.


They fought against different man-knows-best crusades in war:  godless Fascism, godless Totalitarianism, and godless Communism.  The best of one nation, under God, indivisible, died striving to bring liberty and justice for all under the figurative boot heel of goose-stepping tyrannical regimes.  They now die battling the scourge of Islamist terrorism, its disciples doing the devil's work in the name of God.


The different aspects of these patriots are not what we see.  We see Americans; Americans who died in the performance of their duty and in service to their country.  We see them at the summit of self-abnegation, something that merits everlasting respect and recognition.


To have had such American men and women is a blessing.  To become indifferent to their sacrifice would be a sin.



Jeff Boston

Tue 5.23.2017 




Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Resurrection Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, and Christmas Day.


Our country honors sticking one's neck out and taking the blows for the benefit of mankind; sacrificing, so we, collectively, may grow.


We express thanks for the giving with justly titled days of significance.


Happy Turkey Day!



Jeff Boston

Orlando Sentinel

Published Nov 23, 2006




We proudly buy cars from Asia.  We proudly fly flags from the Caribbean.  We proudly try to bring socialist mores from Europe.


We proudly vie to give billions more to Africa.  We proudly rely on labor from Latin America.  We proudly cry for seals in Antarctica.


Veterans proudly die for having served the United States of America.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Nov 11, 2008




Of all the holidays during the holiday-filled year, my favorite holiday is "Holiday."


We put up our holiday trees and decorate them with holiday ornaments and holiday lights.


We put down to paper (or memory) our holiday wishes and holiday gifts to buy.


We put up on walls and in our yards holiday snowmen, holiday reindeer and holiday manger scenes.


We put down our briefcases and listen to holiday songs, dance at holiday parties, watch holiday parades, read holiday cards, drink holiday eggnog and eat holiday cookies.


We put up with the put-down of the "C" word.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Dec 23, 2010




Public, and even private, institutions are amiss for fear of being sued.


Publicly, and even privately, individuals are remiss for fear of being booed.


Publications, and even private dictions, dismiss tradition for fear of being rude.


Once prevalent and now malevolent (?!), I miss "Merry Christmas." 



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Dec 21, 2011




Not long ago, before people chose to be more exclusive of God's mandates and more inclusive of man's meanderings:


Mary was the number one name chosen by young, married parents for their adorable, blessed child, everywhere in America, and for years and years before.


To marry was the number one wish for young, single people who later chose to be blessed with an doring child, everywhere in America, and for years and years before.


To wish others "Merry Christmas" was the number one choice of words with young and old, married and single people, whether or not they adored and celebrated the blessed child, at this time of year everywhere in America, and for years and years before.


Mary, Mary, things are now quite contrary to years and years before.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Dec 23, 2013



A brief in the August 1 News stated that the Bar's Animal Law Committee will become a section next June.  It also mentioned winners of ALC awards at the Bar's annual confab.


In America as a whole, such a labor of love was not even worth talking about three generations ago, dismissed two generations ago, mocked a generation ago, soon tolerated, then merrily accepted, and now, celebrated.


The protection and promotion of animal life (both domesticated and feral)  has become gradually easier for humans fighting to lessen the barbarity and selfishness and gain for all animals the "right" to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Another labor of love was once celebrated in our pop culture, then merely accepted, then tolerated, and its presence actually began being mocked at the onset of the feminist movement three generations ago, making it easier for it to be dismissed (figuratively and literally) two generations ago, and has been and remains something the pop culture deems not even worth takking about.


The protection and promotion of unborn children, of the sanctity of humna life (both domestic and foreign), has become gradually harder for humans fighting to lessen the barbarity and selfishness and regain for all humans the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



Jeff Boston

The Florida Bar News  

August 15, 2015 edition




Versus totaliatarianism in World War II, the establishment led our team to some incompletions, but we stayed the course with an effective ground game on offense; a great line of defense after a devastating surprise at the onset; supurb support; and blitzes, bombs and backbone.  We won.


Versus communism in the Korean War, the establishment led our team to a lot of first downs, but we always settled for field goals.  We did not lose.


Versus communism in the Vietnam War, the establishment led our team to forcing plenty of interceptions and plucky progression down the field that could have led to a vast victory, but too many unforced errors, especially from the sidelines, resulted in a disappointing outcome.  Defeatism from the announcer's booth did not help.


Versus Muslim extremist savagery in the waning War on Terror, the establishment is doing a lot of passing (the buck), punting (responsibility), and kicking (the can down the road), seemingly opting to play nothing but zone defense.  Further, we falg and penalize ourselves obscenely due to ridiculous rules of engagement, and the establishment is calling too many timeouts after implementing a variety of politically correct game plans, and now there seems to be no plan at all, which makes it easier for us to get sacked.


Our nation's relatively recent trajectory regarding years-long wars is simply tragic.


Furture veterans deserve better.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Nov 11, 2015




Seventy-four years ago, the attack on Pearl Harbor united our nation in the fight against man-over-God "isms."


Set aside the vastly vacuous "victim" and ignoble, immobile entitlement mindsets, of the "isms" that abound, one is an undeniable ordeal we must unite against to save our way of life and human lives.


There is another "ism" that is not as apparent, or at least not as acknowledged, that is also inhumane and arguably does even more damage, that we must unite against to save our way of life and human souls.


We cannot stand firm against maddening terrorism when we aqre losing footing to meandering atheism.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Sunday, Dec 6, 2015




Japanese bombing, machine gunning and torpedoing rained death upon servicemen and industry 75 years ago in two immense waves of American killing banzais.  A third wave did not come, saving our nation's immediate future in the Pacific.


In our ongoing economic war with Japan, the figurative bombing and machine gunning of domestic pride and achievement by our own torpedoing standards of quality and their commencing the torpedoing of their sales prices about 40 years ago has rained death upon services and industry.  The torrent has become one large American company-killing tsunami.


After the military war provoked by Pearl Harbor, the economic war has been akin to a second, ceaseless wave, causing not only the short-term shock, dismay, and disgust of the '70s and '80s, but the defeatist attitude of a once-proud nation.


This "second wave" has had a much larger effect on America. 


Will there be a third wave?  A growing number of us believe in the words of a prophetic mayor of Tokyo, who mouthed more than a decade ago that it is not "if" Japan goes to war against China, it is "when" due to long-held disdain held by China for being victimized by the same ferociousness Japan showered upon us three-quarters of a century ago.


The third wave will not be coming from the east, but to the east.


American fighting forces joining Japan in a war for the ages against China, sacrificing our sons; saving Japan's immediate future in the Pacific. 



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Dec 10, 2016




Don Rickles has died, and with him, brave "insult comedy" that makes everyone laugh freely.


A generation ago, most comedians swore off what "Mr. Warmth" waxed poetic.  In recent years, seemingly most or even close to all, living legends of stand-up are standing down when it comes to working what forever were surefire venues for laughs - college campuses - for the places have become so cold.


Rickles' ridicules were ridiculous, and he was ridiculously funny, but he only lived the last quarter of his life in a ridiculous age of "micro-aggressions" and "safe spaces" spawned from the Orwellian orifices of political correctness.


He was impressive and progressive in the exercise of life-affirming liberty.  Our country is now regressive and oppressive in the exercise of groupthink tyranny.


Rickles mocked all kinds of Americans, big and small.  He knew people got the sense of his humor.  He cut us all down because he knew we were big enough to laugh at ourselves in the home of the brave.


Now in an effort to be kind and big, we have become very small.  We instinctively know our collective culture no longer has a sense of humor.  Increasingly enforced Stalin-like speech codes that "protect" one group but not another in our era of selective outrage where everyone is a "victim" of some kind of "ism" - they all need to be cut down and dispelled so we can stop crying all of the time and laugh a little at ourselves again in the land of the free.      



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Sunday, April 9, 2017



Many a supernatant rug was pulled out from under then in Korea, starting with MacArthur's firing and ending with politicians settling for a "policy of containment" of the communist bug.


Many a supcilious rag back home lessened their morale in Vietnam, draft dodgers called them "baby killers" and with individual battles and the overall war, politicians assured defeat when victory was in the bag.


Many a superfluous reg and rampant "rules of engagement" decreed by politicians for too many years (and now finally gone) slashed success in Iraq and Afghanistan.  To do away with such a self-defeating policy, our military leaders did all they could but beg.


The few who serve want the right rig (equipment and support) and strategy (fight to win) so that in all important ways, they'll go in and come out big. 


The few who fight want to squash every bug, bag 'em, and not have to beg for the right things to do the right thing to keep our world and all that is good in it big.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Nov 10, 2017




Thanksgiving is about doing great things, not grating things, in showing gratefulness for things.


Americans show how grateful they are by shaing a hand, not pounding sand; patting a back, not talking smack; and taking a knee  to honor God, not to dishonor our flag, our country, and the brave men and women who have served and have died to help keep us free.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Nov 22, 2017




When the world was bereft of autonomy, what did our country do to bring it back?


Where men would lift up at Normandy, what did those Americans carry inside them?


Why do the children sift through the mire of today and not realize what really matters?


What did our ancestors gift us not so long ago that was paid for and is never free?


Who were they (as they drift away, away from our hearts and minds, to true freedom)?



Jeff  Boston

Florida Today

Published June 6, 2019 (75th anniversary of D-Day)




In World War II, the pandemic of Pride and Greed labeled nothing nonessential and no kid over 19 was locked down sheltering in place, not even those whom prior to Pearl Harbor were nursing at home pre-existing conditions.  So many service personnel died before the vaccine dropped, but we flattened the curse. 


In Korea and Vietnam, the pandemic of Pride and Envy was managed by self-isolated politicians and bureaucrats who centered on disease control and prevention exported from the Soviet Union and China, resulting in social distancing in communities far and wide here at home.  So many service personnel died, and we have yet to find a vaccine, but we flattened the curve.


In the Middle East, the pandemic of Pride and Wrath produced too many PC "rules of engagement," restricting freedoms that unquestionably hurt the fight against the contagion.  We have traded war for a police state, unable to wash our hands of it for too many in the quasi-quarantined zone remain symptomatic.  So many service personnel have and will continue to die for there is no vaccine (will that fatten the curve?).


In our planet's past and present pandemics from person-spread viruses, patriots from our lab of liberty and bet markets have put on personal protective equipment and bravely battled with wit and vigor the plague of their time.  So many of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines made the utmost sacrifice.



Jeff Boston

Florida Today

Published Sun, May 24, 2020  




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