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Jessica Recommends Jeff Boston

Jessica (March 30, 2018) - "My case was a divorce case with three young children.  Jeff was absoliutely amazing.  He paid attention to every detail, he told me upfront what I could realistically expect and what things would never happen.  He was very encouraging.  He listened to me anytime I needed to talk to him.  I sent him so many emails and texts and he took th etime to answer every single onein great detail, day and night, weekend or weekday, while all the while reassurimg me about various things particular to my case.  He is very warm and very friendly and truly cares.  He takes his personal time out to wish me happy holidays or safe travels and things like that.  He was very trustworthy.  Very much to the point, does not get bogged downin drama because he understands that does not matter in court.  He does not come across as agressive or cutthroat, but once you are in court he doe snot back down from anything and very aggressively argues for what is in the best interest of his client."   

– Jessica


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