Fields of Law

Jeff Boston is an honorably discharged military veteran and a recognized, award-winning former prosecutor whom has been helping others as a highly-rated attorney since 1998.  He has run Jeff Boston Legal since 2011, specializing in Family Law.  He also is here to help those in need in other areas of the law, especially Landlord-Tenant law.


Family Law

From divorce trials to timesharing tribulations, Jeff Boston Legal has done it all.  A well-rated Family Law expert whom has the experience, strength, and patience to guide you through the morass of any ordeal, Mr. Boston is the man to call in your time of need, whether it involve dissolution of marriage, paternity, permanent or temporary timesharing, alimony, child support, emergency pickup orders, domestic violence, equitable distribution, or any other area in this complex area of the law that can be emotionally exhaustive, but only if you allow it to be.   

Landlord-Tenant Law

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Jeff Boston Legal will help you.  Landlords usually wants help with an eviction for non-payment, and a tenant typically desires assistance in procuring the security deposit after moving our or having something repaired.  However, Jeff Boston Legal has helped hundreds of satisfied clients in those and many other matters involving the vast and expanding area of Landlord-Tenant Law.    

Other areas of Law 

  •  Consumer Law
  •  Will/ Living Will/ Power of Attorney 

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