Signs of the Times

Independence Day 2020 - I held my sign high and stood tall in front of the trees and Target on Wickham Road by 95.  I was there from 9:20 to 12:15, waving to passersby under the blue sky.  759 drivers sounded their horns!  Adding hearty hand waves, celebratory shouts, and "thumbs up" gestures from people of all ages and backgrounds, at least half of those driving by were in bright-eyed, smiling approval of my symbol of unity in our land of the free (as long as we remain brave).  I only received one "thumbs down" and a kid also yelled the latest fleeting mantra that mocks our motto "E Pluribus Unum."  An overall overwhelming showing of gratitude and respect for our exceptional nation by my fellow countrymen.  It was a mind-stirring, heartwarming, soul-satisfying three hours.   

Seeking donations for Honor America and the Liberty Bell Museum in front of Walmart. 


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