Guiding.  Assured.

Keep your chin up, but never look down your nose.

Jeff Boston had a working class childhood, and he excelled academically and athletically. The middle child of honorable parents, he did not allow peer pressure and the culture to hold him back.  He moved forward.

A third-generation military vet who served overseas, Mr. Boston graduated early and with Highest Honors from college as a History major, and graduated early from the FSU College of Law as well.  A former prosecutor, Jeff and his wife have been wed since 2000 and they have 2 children.  

Jeff Boston has been a lawyer since 1998, and he started Jeff Boston Legal in 2011. He specializes in Family Law and has helped thousands of clients through the years.  If you want an affordable, well-rated attorney with plenty of experience, call 321-795-4232 today.     

When out at sea, do not let the heat of the sun or the chill of the rain take your attention away from the light on the horizon.  

Stay true. 

Be yourself.

Don't get blue.

Be positive.

Thank your crew.

Be grateful for your family, friends, and legal counsel.


Move on with your precious life.  Life is a gift.  Embrace it.

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