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    Jeff Boston Legal is here to help in Brevard County and beyond with well-rated counsel and representation in Family Law.

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    Attorney Jeff Boston has a diverse background and skill set that allows for an inclusive approach to your legal problem to reach an equitable resolution that affords justice and peace.

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    Jeff Boston Legal assuredly guides you over and around the obstructions in your ordeal, assuages you during the difficult journey, and after reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, hands you back the keys.

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keep your chin up and never look down your nose 

Guiding you.  Assured.

JEFF BOSTON LEGAL offers candid counsel and sound representation. In his working-class youth, Jeff excelled in school and sports. A 3rd-generation overseas military veteran, Mr. Boston earned a history degree with highest honors and graduated early, then graduated early from FSU Law. He and his winsome wife of 23 years have 2 children.

A former prosecutor, Mr. Boston specializes in family law. His awesome Avvo.com profile includes this client review (involving a divorce where the spouse hired a large Vero Beach firm that has a 2nd office in Melbourne): "Jeff is quite possibly the most fair and honest person I've ever met. Jeff helped me through a tough divorce and allowed his experience and compassion (to) shine the entire way even when it became tough and emotions were high. It seemed at times Jeff was capable of seeing the future. He always knew what would happen next and when I needed guidance the most he was there with a calm and correct vision of what path I needed to take. Thank you, Jeff." Call 321-795-4232.



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Jeff Boston Legal is committed to answering your questions about Family Law issues in Florida.

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